Wednesday, September 05, 2012

San Fran part 3

 After meeting with Tom at Sweetmarias while driving around Oakland I found these gigantic metal people milling about.   Click the pics for a much larger version. 
 Pretty sure this one had DT's because I could not see the bugs he was trying to pick up. 
 Used Google earth on my Google phone to find the Google android software statues Google has on their campus.  Was convinced they were going to track me and bust me for being uninvited on the campus.  Google's campus is very spread out and has a lot of young smart looking employees riding from building to building on bright primary colored bikes.  
I also explored Stanford University's campus and went to a WWII propoganda poster showing. 
They had part of the Berlin wall there.  It was all I could do to keep myself from knocking that Berlin wall down.  But then I realized I could safely walk around and past it without fear of being shot dead.  I did jump on top of it to shout freedom slogans and shoot off fire works. 
This pic as they are know to do is not showing how high or pretty this view of the valley that containes San Jose and .com land.  We went to an outdoor concert up here at the very old Mounain Winery.  Best place I have been for a concert. 
I had to steal this pic from the internets.  

We went to a redwood forest. 
They are big.
I told these guys to stop. 

The one thing I could not manage to do is ride the Repack down hill just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.   The hill that the originators of mountain biking raced and developed the mountain bike on.   I was feeling like it was a bit to obscure of a goal until we entered the international airport and found this great mountain bike history Museum with a significant portion of the display dedicated to the Repack.   The blue one above is Charley Kelly's original Repack rig. 
Above are some of the first bikes from Joe Breeze.  Below in Blue are early ones from Tom Ritchey.

Multicolored Salsa. 
A 1990ish Ritchey used by Tomas Frischknecht . 

One of the earliest Specialized mountain bikes. 
And finally the latest Cannondale super V Raven.  


SeanH said...

Best museum ever?

Jared said...

I could have spent a bunch more time if it wasn't for the need to fly home. They had a ton more bikes on display covering all ages. A surprising number of people were there enjoying the displays.