Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jesus is hungry

You can eithor see this old pic as a family of three or as a man feeding his fist to Jesus. I took it from a very cool site named Forgetomori.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This ones for Heath and is love of bike gears

I took this from a T-shirt by SWOBO. They are one of my favorite cycling companies. The T-shirt can be found here on their site.

XY to XX

Humans have 46 chromosomes--22 identical pairs, and a pair of sex chromosomes (XX for women, XY for men).

BSNYC posted about a computer program called the Genderanalyzer that trys to predict the gender of blogers based on some computer they trained with artificial intelligence.

Results for my blog came back this way:

We think is written by a woman (89%).

If you want to try it out the link is Here

Monday, November 17, 2008

The whole world

The smaller you keep your world to the people, places and information that you have always known the more you will know every thing in the world. Of course you will only know everything in the world you know. I really like not knowing most everything in the world.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Limits of My Fatherhood

I pride myself on being able to go with my girls anywhere they want to go in their topic of play and enjoy the process. Today I found my limit. After being with Heath and his family all day I was really excited about spending an hour or so playing with Ella tonight before bed time. We went to the basement and started good with a game where I throw a ball to her while she jumps on a mini trampoline. With the ball in the air I call out what body part she needs to hit it back to me with. It could be her hands, head, belly, bum, chin, elbow etc. Once done with this game she says she wants to play Princess's with me. Princes. The moment she said it all creative passion deflated from my soul like a popped balloon. I wanted to find an angle on the Princes world I could connect with her on but could not. As a result I have come to the conclusion that playing princes sucks and I can not connect with Ella in this area of her life. Some times a dad needs to watch football while his girl plays by her self.

A ride with Heath today

These pics are not in chronological order because for some reason I can't work my blog program. As a result please view them as part of a space/time continuum merging.
This is Heath riding my Salsa La Cruz. He feels stretched out but sure doesn't look it.

This is under 494 as it goes over the Minnesota river.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Urban (Suburban) Hike

I pretty much suck at making time to work out, hike, ride my bike or do any other fun physical activity. My current solution is to sneak in spontaneous urban hikes. If I have at least 20 minutes extra in my day I try to go exploring. I have found time while driving to a meeting, driving home and after lunch. One key to success is making sure I have sensible shoes and some outdoor gear in the car. With this mind set I am finding myself exploring a lot of nature and urban areas I had previously just driven past without notice.

This hike was a little over an hour long on the land between lake Ann and lake Lucy in Chanhassen a few days ago.

This pic does not show the giant size of this hollow tree.
I am often pleasantly surprised at how you can feel like you are in the middle of now where even in an urban (suburban) park.

Tub trouble

Getting drenched in your pajamas is what you get if you dare venture near the tub monster.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Some how I feel a bit guilty that I have the day off today to celebrate veterans when so many future vets are driving Humvees around the middle east hoping they will make it home to become a vet. My solution. Make the best of the day. I did lot's of winter prep work around the house and then looking for direction on what to do next I went where I often go to find direction WWJHD (What would Jill Homer do) It is very windy, cold, and a mix of sleet and rain outside. Jill Homer would go for a big ride so I did too. The first half of the ride was dominated by a strong head wind of little ice daggers exfoliating my eye balls. The second half with the tail wind was much more pleasant.

I may not be in Iraq but I did wake up to gun shots two times this morning. There is a different kind of battle going on in the woods this week and I found a victim who escaped with her freedom but not her life. I would have shut her eyes like in the movies but was afraid she would suddenly get up and scare the chitlins out of me.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Miriam Makeba

Miriam Makeba is a great south African folk artist born in 1932 who died today. Here are a couple of links to some of my favorite youtube videos of her in the 60's. Link one. Link two. When you like what you hear you will notice many more links to her work on the you tube.


From The Joy of Cooking: Chitterlings, also known as "Chitlins," the small intestine of a hog, are most popular in the South or in places where authentic soul food is on the menu. Chitterlings are also the base for andouillette, a tripe and chitterling sausage very popular in France. To be specific, chitterlings are the small intestines of a young pig, which are emptied while still warm, turned inside out, and thououghly cleaned. The mucous covering is scraped away and completely removed. Chitterlings are very strong in both flavor and odor.

Basically Chitlins are the lutefisk of soul food. They smell like so strongly of pig poo I have to cook them outside of the house. Like Lutefisk chitlins are treasured by its fans. If your food doesn't scare you once in a while you aren't eating right.

Half the challenge of making Chitlins is finding good quality product in a reasonable sized package. Aunt Bessie's Pork Chitterlings are the best quality chitlins I have found. I found them at Coopers grocery in Chaska MN and find it funny that they are imported from Denmark.
Unlike the chitlins in a big frozen bucket from cub these needed little to no cleaning of the mucous coating.
When completely filled with water each piece held about 750ml of water.

After turning each one inside out to rinse and clean it I cut it open for the first simmer of one hour. To help with the smell I added three onions cut up.
The super strong pig poop smell forced a move to the garage. The second simmer is in new water with three new onions and for three more hours.

After four hours of simmering in two sets of water they are cut into 1 1/5 inch pieces to be sauted in ghee and olive oil.

Ghee is clarified butter that has been cooked a little longer and has a slightly nutty flavor. The liquid is extra virgin olive oil.
The chitlins were sauteed until light brown. I did this first batch a little hot and a little too long. They were still great and just like the last time I made chitlins they gave me a weird sense of euphoria that spread to slowly to each limb. Hot sauce is a must and I regret not having greens available as a side dish.

I sauteed another set of the cooked chitlins tonight with ghee and olive oil but more slowly and carefully. Wow. The experience is like perfectly cooked pork flavored squid. Not rubbery but rather like al dente pasta with a little crisp browning on the outside.

Not sure of the origin of this but I could not have said it better

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Button Blog link

This is from a blog that used to be called "the history of the button." It is now a human/machine interface blog called pushclicktouch. I am perticularily fond of this pic from a hotel room airconditioner control that was poorly translated.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween events

Halloween was very fun this year in Chanhassen. Lots of cute kids at the door, then a neigborhood party next door at David and Jen's. After the best elk sausage I have ever had and lots of chit chat we all went next door to our back yard for a fire. Hours of conversation, jokes and fun later Derek decided we should hoof it about a mile away through a field to the abandoned farm house I have posted about in the past here. The above pics are of me getting wood for the fire with my Bob trailer, raccoon poop infested camper bus kitchen next to the barn, my next door neigbor David hanging from a hook in the basement of the old farm house in Blair Witch style, and a creepy old wooden child poty seat.