Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Recent Unrelated Events

 Mazy was born July 25 2011.  Unlike this poor baby mouse Mazy has made it to one.   She has also destroyed a few other things in her first year but over all she has been a great addition to the family.   When she is naughty I have to keep reminding myself that she wants to understand what I am saying and be a good little dog but that she often needs more than just one really loud reminder.  

 We went to the Minnesota Zoo and saw the dinosaurs, this friend of Maya's and some real animals too.   I love that grizzly bear exhibit.  Three big bears right in front of use wrestling and playing in the water.  

For this pic I was going to make some joke about Heath joining the YMCA but the reality is that unlike Glenn M. Hughes here I was too chicken to ride that giant bike.  

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nexus 7

I recently got my first tablet computer and am playing around with just when and where I would use it.  This week I found that I can watch most any Olympic sport live on my Nexus 7.  The men's road race and archery were great.

In the bathroom

 In bed

While getting dressed.

While making am beverages.

And breakfast.

Out on the deck for breakfast I didn't miss any racing.

Or when doing laundry.

 It was a good distraction during unpleasant tasks.

This is legal right?

Not going to miss the finish just because of some long grass.

OK I didn't actually work out.

Or use any tools.  But I could have without missing a mile of the race.

Ella's play mobile house is a little small but they have a huge TV to watch the race.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Eric of Revelate Designs (and maker of my frame bags) posted a trip report I very much enjoyed reading.  Click this. 

A few years ago he and his girl friend rode in Bolivia at very high altitude around the Illimani mountain area. 

 They rented the bikes and put his tires, pedals and bags on.  

 I am struck by how brave they are to just jump into the challenge without having it all figured out. 

I need to do some of this.  (On my kindergarten scale of course.) 

Back to the United States. 
Below is a portion of the climb up Bear Tooth Pass in Montana.  This is paved. 

 While climbing Bear Tooth on road bike you have a lot of time to look around.  When you look across the valley you see a very interesting dirt version of what you are climbing.  It is Montana forest route 421.  I think John Q. drove up this once.  True?  I unfortunately couldn't find a good pic of it for the blog.  This is my most likely version of Eric's Bolivia type route. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Three more things

I got my Google/Asus Nexus 7 Tablet in the mail yesterday.  
It runs the new Jellybean software and is only $200/250 for one of the best tablets out there.  Cheap enough to experiment with to see if I would use a tablet.  If not it will be a great kid movie, game, keep them busy on trips device.   I am really enjoying the "Google Now" voice thing that is like siri.  

I recently found a really big hidden sandy beach while exploring my area on google earth.  I  went out and found it by bike on Tuesday.  You need to ride about a half mile on a trail that is off of the paved trail to get to it.  It is hard to see but the sand is super pure, small grain and soft.  The beach extends for at least 100 yards behind my bike.  In the pic below it is at mile 9.   Here is a link to a google map of the beach.  

I finalized my road bike route to share with any takers.  It has climbs, a great twisty fast decent, some brutal gravel road climbs (road bike tested), lakes and rivers and nature all throughout and is almost completely off of roads.   This Saturday?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Nice ride

It has only taken me about ten years to do it but I am finally getting around to developing some road bike routes in my area and am really loving the nature,roads and climbs.   I think it would be fun to do Saturday am rides that alternate between each of our home areas.   It seems like we have each been tweaking some pretty nice routes.  The host would be guide on their route and maybe feed and beer people after.   Could be any day really.   Thoughts?
Edit:  I used google drive which is like dropbox to get a better version of the screenshot.  Odd that google makes it so easy to blog from the phone but not quality pics without using something like drive in between.  New Pic

Old pic