Monday, July 16, 2012

Nice ride

It has only taken me about ten years to do it but I am finally getting around to developing some road bike routes in my area and am really loving the nature,roads and climbs.   I think it would be fun to do Saturday am rides that alternate between each of our home areas.   It seems like we have each been tweaking some pretty nice routes.  The host would be guide on their route and maybe feed and beer people after.   Could be any day really.   Thoughts?
Edit:  I used google drive which is like dropbox to get a better version of the screenshot.  Odd that google makes it so easy to blog from the phone but not quality pics without using something like drive in between.  New Pic

Old pic 


Jared said...

Anyone have an idea how I could get my screen shots to show up better?

Heath said...

Great route. I like your idea of people hosting their favorite near home rides. Blog pictures do better if you add pictures to a regular new blog entry instead of sharing them with blogger. Look at the photos of my last trip to Afton. The first was using share with blogger the second set were added the traditional way from my gallery.

SeanH said...

Doesn't whatever GPS app you are using allow you to save your rides online? If so, chances are you could get embed code to paste the map in your blog.

Great idea about the rides.