Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nexus 7

I recently got my first tablet computer and am playing around with just when and where I would use it.  This week I found that I can watch most any Olympic sport live on my Nexus 7.  The men's road race and archery were great.

In the bathroom

 In bed

While getting dressed.

While making am beverages.

And breakfast.

Out on the deck for breakfast I didn't miss any racing.

Or when doing laundry.

 It was a good distraction during unpleasant tasks.

This is legal right?

Not going to miss the finish just because of some long grass.

OK I didn't actually work out.

Or use any tools.  But I could have without missing a mile of the race.

Ella's play mobile house is a little small but they have a huge TV to watch the race.