Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eben Weiss

Link to Wall Street Journal article. 
The Bike Snob's name is Eben Weiss. He's 36 years old, grew up riding BMX and is not a stranger to the media world. After a brief stint as a New York City bike messenger, he spent more than a decade in the publishing industry, working as an agent with the Ralph M. Vicinanza, Ltd. literary agency. His wife, Sara Goodman, is an editor at St. Martin's Press, and the couple are expecting their first child in May. Mr. Weiss races locally on an amateur bike team sponsored by Gotham Bikes, a New York City shop. But by his own account, he's a mediocre racer.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Below is a quote from a commenter on the conservative? site Pajamas Media.  He is responding to a dumb post suggesting cyclists put out more CO2 by breathing than do cars driving.  His comment has little to do with the cycling breathing post but rather is a response to the mention of  the transportation secretary Lahood? and his encouragement for people to ride bikes more.   The reasons for the original post don't really matter.  What fascinates me is how you could substitute the name Lahood and put in any democratic leaders name and it is the same critique the right gives over and over and over.  It is about as shallow of a critique as calling the new shy pretty girl at school a stuck up bitch. 

"Lahood is a perfect example of this administration. He is a radical ideologue with almost zero real-world experience, an overweening arrogance about his own self-perceived brilliance, a need for adulation from the cloistered academic “enlightened elite’”- and a boundless contempt, bordering on actual hatred, for the American people, or even the human race generally."

Link to the article.  The pic is what I am guessing the commenter looks like. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Young me old me pics

Every time I see this idea I say "That's a great idea.  I'm going to do that too."  Link to the site.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Tune Yards

Tune Yards are really just Merrill Garbus who recently signed with 4AD records.  After watching a few of her videos on the Internets I am struck by how good she sounds when singing live in poor recording situations.  I also think she assembles a song well.  Here is an example of both.  Link

Thursday, March 18, 2010

sanibel island florida trip picks

Some pic's forwarded to me by my mother in law Vicky from our recent trip to Sanibel island. 
Maya hunting for shells.

Ella piloting the boat in Tarpon Bay.  Didn't hit a single manatee. 
Maya and some of her favorite things: Pom Pom (grandpa), Sammy the dog and rock star glasses. 
Picking shells on the beach is tiring. 

Minneapolis bike posters

Some posters from Cage design.  I am waiting for the Chanhassen edition to come out.  Click this link to see all of the posters. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tune Yards

Link to an artist and her video I stumbled upon and likely liked more than you will..  I can't get you the next three minutes back so click with personal responsibility. 

Freak out

Here is a link to a short video of a young chinese woman freaking people out by just standing still in a doorway.  Do they think she is a ghost?  I think it is interesting that no one seems to laugh after they get scared.  Watch the last guy all the way to the end of the video.