Thursday, March 18, 2010

Minneapolis bike posters

Some posters from Cage design.  I am waiting for the Chanhassen edition to come out.  Click this link to see all of the posters. 


queasyfish said...

Hey, I took the Mexican car-into-the-peleton picture to the site and made the Chanhassen version. :)

Seriously, I'm in contact with the guy to get some of these, are you interested? Tell me which ones. Maybe = No.

Jared said...

No on the posters. I love them but want to see what I can buy at artcrank first. About 5 years ago In Chanhassen I saw a one person version of the mexican car thing. Bike laying in about 30 feet in front of the spot the guy got hit by teenagers in a car. By the time I got there the ambulance had left with him but his bike and some witnesses were just standing around in a bit of disbelief. The bike was either a madone or the premadone Trek.