Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gravel Ride to do some day

Link to the fun gravel ride.  I have spent some time over the last few years looking for a way to map gravel/dirt road rides and have pretty much failed.  I got this one off of Ibikempls.  It is called the gravel Wine ride I think.  I think just getting out and riding may be the best way to find and learn of good gravel/dirt roads.  This route will be a good start to my own course. 

Below are some pics from our Disney trip.   It is not what we will likely see on this gravel ride.

Sure was a long neck on that Giraffe. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Minnehaha Creek ride.

I rode Minnehaha Creek today east from about Lyndale and 50th street south.  Most of it was pretty fast and dry like the second pic.  The rest never got deeper than my ankle and was not muddy at all.  A couple of ducks followed me as I rode along.  Oddly as I left the creek the ducks told me they would continuing on down the creek to the river for dinner.  I encouraged them to be safe and was on my way.   

Monday, October 08, 2012

Ella and Maya at 4 years old

These are pics in the woods just east of powers and south of 212.  Ella and I discovered this old boat up in the woods when she was 4.  Ella is not smiling because it was very hot, humid and buggy the day we took our pics.   I just realized that I took the same pics with Maya at the same age and thought it would be fun to compare them. 


Thursday, October 04, 2012

Look I'm blogging like Q

I am sure I have tried to listen to Husker Du multiple times in the past and for some reason it never clicked.  Then this fine morning I listened to the stuff they made before 1985 and love it.  It was like I turned on a New York station and  I couldn't believe what I heard at all.
In the past when less impressed I must have listened to Husker Du's later more pop stuff because this stuff is fast, raw, loud and harsh.   I got this album, Metal Circus and Zen Arcade.  Things seem to get kind of light after that.