Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Largest animals to scale next to each other

Ella's Dinosaur Puzzle

Ella's giant dinosaur puzzle has something very wrong in the image. I'm sure a paleontologist could find a bunch of things but this one we all should see as wrong even if you believe Noah hung out with dinosaurs. The answer is below the pic.

I don't think they had chain saws back then.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Robots are cool

I know the pic is small and bad but this video is great. This robot can carry a lot of weight over varied terrain. This pic is of it trying to walk on ice. No ultra controlled lab setting for this bad boy. Notice how life like it looks as it attempts to stay upright at times.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A very quick test I enjoyed taking

The video is of some British basketball/break dance like troupe. Don't let that scare you away. You may also want to skip the 30 second or so intro video that comes up before the aprox. 1-2 minute long test.

Monday, March 10, 2008

7.04 lb bike

Now I am not that into light bikes these days but this guy claims to ride a 1000K a week on this 7lb bike. Pretty good for a bike that weights 20 or 30 lbs less than most of my bikes. I think I got this off of Velonews if you want the original article.

● Frame: SPIN Custom by Marc Siebert (677.5g)
● Fork: THM custom Scapula SP Tuned by Thomas Mertin (214.0g)
● Cranks (incl. BB): THM custom Clavicula by Thomas Mertin (366.7g)
● Headset: custom integrated headset (26.7g)
● Chain: KMC X10SL Silver (214.8g)
● Saddle/seatpost combination: Schmolke seatpost tube w/Speedneedle upper by Jürgen Mikus (the maker of the Tune Speedneedle) (77.0g)
● Cables: PowerCordz Derailleur Cordz (for the derailleurs as well as the brakes) / 4.5mm pneumatic hose for housing (15.6g)
● Brakes: AX-Lightness Orion, modified by Günter Mai (88.6g)
● Front derailleur: Campagnolo Record, customized with carbon parts by Bernhard Langerbein of Bike-Tuning-Parts (28.5g)
● Stem: Nordischer Rahmenbau by Oliver Grest (custom length and angle) 110mm x -8deg (53.8g)
● Bar: Schmolke custom TLO by Stefan Schmolke (111.3g)
● Brake levers: Campagnolo Record, modified by Günter Mai (86.5g)
● Chain rings: small ring carbon 36T, big ring alu 50T modified by Günter Mai (69.2g)
● Rear derailleur: Sachs Huret, customized with carbon parts by Bike-Tuning-Parts (48.3g)
● Skewers: Tune Skyline by Uli Fahl (16.3g)
● Chainring bolts: Tune (9.3g)
● Pedals: Aerolite Titan, tuned by Günter Mai (65.2g)
● Cassette: Recon Alu block 11-16 6speed, 11T sprocket steel - modified by Günter Mai (52.8g)
● Shifting levers: BTP carbon downtube shifters (9.0g)
● Wheels: Lew custom boron by Paul Lew, modified by Günter Mai (704.4g)
● Tires: Tufo Elite 110 (218.0g)
● Seat clamp: BTP carbon 34.9mm by Bernhard Langerbein (6.0g)
● BB cable guide: Campagnolo (2.7g)
● Bar tape: Veloplast (only on the top of the bars) (12.3g)
● Tire glue & air: (20.0g)

● Total:3194.5g

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ella and child (Maya)

I love this pic of Ella and Maya because it looks like Ella is a 4 year old who has been asked to take on a primary care giver roll with her sister at too young of an age. She has that tired/older than her years kind of look in her eyes.

Ella and Maya in the crib together

I like this pic because although I posed Ella's hand it was otherwise spontainious. Ella just wanted to get in the crib with Maya. Their profiles and even the way they hold their heads is so similar.

Maya Loves Bacon

Ooooo....Bacon. Ccme to think of it Maya kind of looks like some delicious bacon in this pic. "Get in my belly."

Maya in some cool duds

Last weekend Susan had four long days of school and I was home for the first time with Maya and Ella. Stressful because Maya would not take the bottle without a lot of screaming (from her) and effort (from me) but we got through it and we all know each other better as a result. Ella was a super star full of love and a desire to help out with her sister even though this meant having her needs come second at times.