Monday, January 14, 2008

Ella quote for the day

The pick is of my favorite painting from the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Walker that I went too the day before Maya was born. The quote from Ella is as follows: Ella, "Daddy, do you know why I like school so much?" Me, "Why?" Ella, "Because you get to learn stuff." Me (so proud and excited about my daughter expressing her passion for learning.) I say excitedly, "Ella I love learning." Ella in pure 4 year old sincerity says in response to my excitement, ...."I love cake."

our new baby

Ok, so we had a new baby today. I think her name is going to be Maya Kristine Andersson. Yes that middle name is intended to honor Krisy my great little sister and even better Aunt to all niece and nephew comers. She may refuse to visit a baby until it is past the larval kind of infant stage but once it is smart enough to give back to her easily satiable ego Krisy is pure aunt diva. Or as she said tonight, " I like them better when they can open their mouth and stick out their tongue and are actually smarter than my dog." Pure aunt love.