Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ti Fatback

Pro Road Racer David Zabriskie's new Ti, Fatback with belt drive, Fatback carbon fork, 170mm Fatback hubs and Fatback crank.  Better quality pics from Tscheezy on MTBR fatbike forum

Monday, August 16, 2010

Things, People and Stuff

Scott Cutshell (Large Fella on a bike.)  Has a relatively new blog.  More pics less talk.  I stole a couple of posts from his site below to pic up where he left off after leaving Minneapolis.   I always liked his blog and was sad it went.  I take his disappointment in Portland to be another sign of how great Minneapolis is as a cyclists town. 

"Anonymous asked:

"Are you that guy from Bicycling Magazine? If so, you are pretty awesome man. But I think you're still a dickhead too."   Thank You, I agree on the ‘dickhead’ part especially.
5:18pm 6/8/2010 "

"Exodus -PDX-

In the midst of 26 straight effing daze of rain, we -the gurlz & I that is- have begun our planning for leaving this watery, moldy, depressed [and depressing], self-absorbed, friendly but insincerely so, gray, no-ability-to-drive both: auto or bike, douchbaggery of a city called Portland, Oregon.   2 years is enough. Dues have been paid. Time to move onward.
NorCal here we come…"

"…fairly certain, this might just be the best, and most useful, bicycle in the Universe…-just sayin’"

I couldn't agree more about the Pug Scott. 

Friday, August 06, 2010

Sad Cancer news

Very sad to hear (and wonder how I missed it earlier) that Christopher Hitchens has a bad case of cancer that will likely take him out.  He writes about it much better than I could in this Vanity Fair article.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Salsa Mukluk

I guess I am not the only one getting fatter.  Salsa continues the Fat Bike revolution with the Mukluk.  Thanks for the pic Salsa.  Link to the goodness.

From the Salsa culture desk

This is a sneek peek pic from Salsa.  I am guessing they are going to be soon anouncing a Salsa Fat Bike/Snow bike/Adventure bike or maybe something even cooler. 
I am going to get my Mukluks on.