Monday, August 16, 2010

Things, People and Stuff

Scott Cutshell (Large Fella on a bike.)  Has a relatively new blog.  More pics less talk.  I stole a couple of posts from his site below to pic up where he left off after leaving Minneapolis.   I always liked his blog and was sad it went.  I take his disappointment in Portland to be another sign of how great Minneapolis is as a cyclists town. 

"Anonymous asked:

"Are you that guy from Bicycling Magazine? If so, you are pretty awesome man. But I think you're still a dickhead too."   Thank You, I agree on the ‘dickhead’ part especially.
5:18pm 6/8/2010 "

"Exodus -PDX-

In the midst of 26 straight effing daze of rain, we -the gurlz & I that is- have begun our planning for leaving this watery, moldy, depressed [and depressing], self-absorbed, friendly but insincerely so, gray, no-ability-to-drive both: auto or bike, douchbaggery of a city called Portland, Oregon.   2 years is enough. Dues have been paid. Time to move onward.
NorCal here we come…"

"…fairly certain, this might just be the best, and most useful, bicycle in the Universe…-just sayin’"

I couldn't agree more about the Pug Scott. 


inthewoods said...

Did Scott Cutshall move back to Minneapolis from Portland?

Jared said...

inthewoods, I am assuming he is just visiting Minneapolis. I think his family is thinking of Northern California. I also think he would be happiest moving back to Minneapolis. I enjoyed checking out your blog.