Thursday, October 04, 2012

Look I'm blogging like Q

I am sure I have tried to listen to Husker Du multiple times in the past and for some reason it never clicked.  Then this fine morning I listened to the stuff they made before 1985 and love it.  It was like I turned on a New York station and  I couldn't believe what I heard at all.
In the past when less impressed I must have listened to Husker Du's later more pop stuff because this stuff is fast, raw, loud and harsh.   I got this album, Metal Circus and Zen Arcade.  Things seem to get kind of light after that.  

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queasyfish said...

Nice. Those earliest albums are not my favorites, Zen Arcade is though. Try New Day Rising too. You'll start shaking to that fine fine music, you know your life will be saved by rock and roll.