Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Recent Unrelated Events

 Mazy was born July 25 2011.  Unlike this poor baby mouse Mazy has made it to one.   She has also destroyed a few other things in her first year but over all she has been a great addition to the family.   When she is naughty I have to keep reminding myself that she wants to understand what I am saying and be a good little dog but that she often needs more than just one really loud reminder.  

 We went to the Minnesota Zoo and saw the dinosaurs, this friend of Maya's and some real animals too.   I love that grizzly bear exhibit.  Three big bears right in front of use wrestling and playing in the water.  

For this pic I was going to make some joke about Heath joining the YMCA but the reality is that unlike Glenn M. Hughes here I was too chicken to ride that giant bike.  


Heath said...

YMCA joke wouldn't have scared me. The previous picture of the bear is where I thought you were going.

Jared said...

Funny. When you look up Glenn M. Hughes you often land on bear sites.