Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Limits of My Fatherhood

I pride myself on being able to go with my girls anywhere they want to go in their topic of play and enjoy the process. Today I found my limit. After being with Heath and his family all day I was really excited about spending an hour or so playing with Ella tonight before bed time. We went to the basement and started good with a game where I throw a ball to her while she jumps on a mini trampoline. With the ball in the air I call out what body part she needs to hit it back to me with. It could be her hands, head, belly, bum, chin, elbow etc. Once done with this game she says she wants to play Princess's with me. Princes. The moment she said it all creative passion deflated from my soul like a popped balloon. I wanted to find an angle on the Princes world I could connect with her on but could not. As a result I have come to the conclusion that playing princes sucks and I can not connect with Ella in this area of her life. Some times a dad needs to watch football while his girl plays by her self.

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Mom to Mrs. Bingles and MyMy said...

oh, come on! get in touch with your feminine/ gay side...I know it's there.