Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Some how I feel a bit guilty that I have the day off today to celebrate veterans when so many future vets are driving Humvees around the middle east hoping they will make it home to become a vet. My solution. Make the best of the day. I did lot's of winter prep work around the house and then looking for direction on what to do next I went where I often go to find direction WWJHD (What would Jill Homer do) It is very windy, cold, and a mix of sleet and rain outside. Jill Homer would go for a big ride so I did too. The first half of the ride was dominated by a strong head wind of little ice daggers exfoliating my eye balls. The second half with the tail wind was much more pleasant.

I may not be in Iraq but I did wake up to gun shots two times this morning. There is a different kind of battle going on in the woods this week and I found a victim who escaped with her freedom but not her life. I would have shut her eyes like in the movies but was afraid she would suddenly get up and scare the chitlins out of me.


Heath said...

Good thing you ride a blaze orange bike. Does Salsa make a Camo model too?

Jared said...

"Blaze orange bike" Perfect.