Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween events

Halloween was very fun this year in Chanhassen. Lots of cute kids at the door, then a neigborhood party next door at David and Jen's. After the best elk sausage I have ever had and lots of chit chat we all went next door to our back yard for a fire. Hours of conversation, jokes and fun later Derek decided we should hoof it about a mile away through a field to the abandoned farm house I have posted about in the past here. The above pics are of me getting wood for the fire with my Bob trailer, raccoon poop infested camper bus kitchen next to the barn, my next door neigbor David hanging from a hook in the basement of the old farm house in Blair Witch style, and a creepy old wooden child poty seat.

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Anonymous said...

Gettin wood with and from the BOB