Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Exploring the old farm near our home

I have driven by the rough road to an old farm off of Pioneer Trail most days for a year now and wanted to ride my bike to it each and every time. My other road bikes would not have enjoyed the trip but the salsa la cruz found the rough road and other ride obstacles quit delicious.

At the end of the trail from my house where the dead turkey lays is the opposite of this view.

The old farm house.

A hilly meadow behind the old farm house. My next path was as far as you can see up the hill behind the nose of the saddle. It was at this point when I was visually isolated from civilization that I remembered the mountain lion that keeps being seen in the area. I also started to see deer tracks with other big odd tracks following that I could not identify. I saw a few game birds and picked up some cool turkey and whatever game bird's it was feathers left behind just past the meadow by a field.

Once by a soy bean field and heading for home I then followed a deer trail into the woods in an attempt to cross bluff creek and stumbled upon some poop. It had some big seeds and partially eaten fruit. I don't know what animal made the poop but I found the wild apricot/plumb? trees it ate from close by.