Monday, September 15, 2008

The Salsa Fargo

First I bought a Salsa 29r mtb looking for the do everything mountain/commuter/ adventure bike. Then I bought the La Cruz cyclocross bike from Salsa for a similar but slightly more road purpose in mind. Well it looks like my bikes went and had a baby and named it "Fargo". 29 inch wheels of mountain bike/road bike/adventure touring bike goodness. I think I would still rather have my La Cruz for this purpose with its integrated shift/brake levers but sure would like the triple crank and extra gears of the Fargo.


SeanH said...

A friend of mine showed me that pic the other day. I believe my comment then was something along the lines of that bike being hit over and over again by the ugly stick.

Hands down one of the least attractive bicycles I have seen. And we all know how important looks are!

Jared said...

I think the photo is a bit squashed down. I bet it looks taller in person which would help the looks a lot. I actually really like the purposeful look. I think it may have more beverage holders than our new minivan.