Thursday, September 25, 2008

I have a dream

Ella has been talking about and quoting the Pancake Puffs commercial for many months. Each time it airs she talks about the little frosted cakes you can make with the Pancake Puff maker as being something she dreams of doing. Well today while buying formula for Maya at Walgreen's I found and purchased an "As seen on TV" Pancake Puff set . When presented to Ella she said, "yea I just saw the commercial on TV again. You can make Jalapeno popper puffs with it. But there spicy." We decided to use cake batter and made pink frosted, sprinkle covered, chocolate pudding filled Pancake Puffs.

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Mom to Mrs. Bingles and MyMy said...

I just ate about three of the chocolate, pudding-filled, frosted-sprinkes ones and they are damn good. Can't wait for more fun variations!