Friday, September 07, 2012

Some fall harvests

 Maya and I got to a black and white seed sunflower before the birds this year.  The salt water soak made the white ones kind of purple. 

 After the salt water soak here they are now dry and ready to be roasted.  The question now is do I do it in the kitchen oven or in my Ron Kyle drum coffee roaster? Drum is more even but harder to tell how done they are.  I like the idea of roasting nuts in the shell in my RK drum roaster and this may be a good practice item.   I bet you just take it to a first crack sound and dump. 
 Tomato's taste great this year but I planted the plants too close and they used most of their growing energy racing each other for the sun instead of feeding me.  See the onion and little red Jalapeno?   

By far my best harvest of the year are these two nuts.  Here they are about to be sent off to the brain feed lot. 


Heath said...

Don't harvest the children. They're not done growing.

queasyfish said...
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