Sunday, September 09, 2012

Claire's Birthday and a bike ride

My family, our father and his ex-wife met at Heath's to celebrate the birth of my first niece Claire on Saturday and I needed to bring some food to share.  I had bought some Australian raised camel at a Halal market in Eden Prairie a few days ago and  Heath's house is a great place to make this sort of thing.    A grill, some Ethiopian spice and homemade pico de gallo from my garden resulted in camel taco's.  These taco's and all the other food as usual were great.
Other items included some unique pig parts with one super long noodle to give Claire a better chance at a long life, spicey pork and chicken from the grill and two kinds of  tamales.  Heath got the meats and tamales from the best little Mexican store I have been to that is just down the street.  

 A bike ride with Q and Sean earlier in the day made for a big hunger.

"Take a picture of that thing."
It was a very good day.
 But really what I keep thinking about from the day was this taco.

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