Saturday, September 22, 2012

Minnesota River Ride

 Today I rode on my own along the Minnesota River from Bloomington Ferry Bridge to 35W.
 I love it that MORC has developed a bunch of trails in the metro area and am sad they have smoothed over some of the best obstacles on this great trail.   With the flooding that occures along here it is a trail best left to evolve organically up and around trail challenges like trees, dips in the trail and small water crossings as they appear.
 I do have to say that this is the best version of the bike ferry I have seen.  Wooden decks extend beyond each end making getting on and off easier.  It also helps when trying to transfer weight to make it float better.
 There is still a bunch of sand patches on the trail that fat bikes have no problem with riding over.  Saw four other bikes today and two were fat.
 It's funny that I took pics in this same place on the way out and back.  Something about it was pic worthy I guess.  I paid for it both times as that is all burning weed.
 I put the frame bag on again today and really love having it.  You don't notice it while riding and I could hold all the warm layers of clothing I took off mid ride with room to spare.  I also put my water bottles up on the fork today.  Worked great.  They stayed on, were easy to reach and did not seem to effect handling at all.

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