Wednesday, August 29, 2012

San Francisco part two

We kind of did a vacation in a vacation.  Rented a house for a few days just off the beach in Santa Cruz.  
Maya and her cousin Lucia came running up from the water shouting Help Help!  It wasn't until they were much closer that I realized they were saying Kelp Kelp!

 Water was cold but fun.  The beach was sandy. 
 The drive south from San Fran to Santa Cruz along highway 1was scenic as expected. 

 Fun boardwalk/beach/fair kind of thing in Santa Cruz.

Lot's of Santa Cruz bikes all over.  The shops had tons.  This Santa Cruz shop told me the area of Santa Cruz is kind of a pocket in the country still selling primarily long travel 26 inch bikes. 
This is a pic Guitar Ted put on MTBR from Euro bike?  Seems relevant to a Santa Cruz post.
Yes those are Big Fat Larry's like my Moonlander has on a full suspended Santa Cruz. 

The quality time Ella and Maya got to spend with the cousins was some of the best time of the trip. 


queasyfish said...

Who are those other people in the photos, how are they related to you?

Jared said...

John,it's Susan's brother Jason, his wife Jaci and their kids Lucia and Laurel.