Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vintage Fat Bike

 Six wheeler.  Likely turned like it was on actual rails.  

My friend Martin sent me some pics on facebook from the mid nineties. 

Regarding the Ritchey Martin wrote to me "You can see the welds on these rims. They would cut off one side of a couple rims and weld them together. Very custom for the time. This bike won the 200 mile race that year. John Stamstead is his name. When John showed up with this bike that year, no one had seen tires that fat. Those rims were prototypes of a bike builder in Anchorage. The tires were a sand tire John had found. They would glue the tire to the rim to avoid them slipping on the rim and busting the stem. With the low air pressure they liked to float on the snow."

I also notice the early use of frame bag, seat bag and handle bar set up. In the other pics the "anything cage" type set up is interesting.  You can see how they are very similar to the new version below.