Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tour Divide Race

The 2012 2745 mile Tour Divide Race is happening.  Each year people race unsupported along the continental divide from Banff Canada to Mexico.   Most racers are now out of Canada and well into Montana.  I think it is fun to watch over the next 15-20 days.
The race started on 6-8-12.  Great story lines each year with some real struggle, suffering and success.  Many of the riders call in every few days and give a brief update of their struggles and success.  It can be found here.   All the riders use a Spot to track them on a good map.  You can follow that here.  Zoom in and out and go to the satellite view for a real sense of what they are riding.   Blue dots are the male racers, pink are the women racers, yellow are racers who started on a different date or are doing an individual time trial.  The green tent means they stopped for 4 or more hours.  The course can be done from north to south or south to north.  You will see a few people started at the Mexico boarder.  

A typical bike set up. This is a guy named Max Morris's bike.  Pic from here 

 Here is a link to the actual Tour Divide race site.  It is good for background info and some links.   

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