Thursday, June 28, 2012

Maah Daah Hey, Maah Daah Ho, Hey...Ho... Hey..Ho

 We drove from Minneapolis to Bennett camp in one day.  Weather and trail was perfect but it was getting late so we just rode a few hundred yards down the trail towards the Maah Daah Hey.  We got the bikes ready which included me thinking I could put Stans in my tires without deflating them all the way.  I now know what a latex shower feels like.

Over that night and for most of every day it rained with not a chance of the Bentonite hell mud on the trail drying out.   If we would have been on the trail we would have been stuck out on the trail.  It would have been very hard to go off trail to get to a road.  

For three days we would see the sky open briefly raising hope before it closed with rain and no chance of drying out.  

This was a lesson in frustration and disappointment with a high need for a good attitude and plan adaptation.  Howard, Heath and I made the best of it and had a great time exploring the north unit of the park and the surrounding area.  The endless oil boom activity out on and around highway 85 was pretty amazing.  

Cannonball concretions.  

We finally admitted defeat and drove to Moorhead.  We rode in the Tamarac National wildlife refuge which boarders an area Heath and I bike packed last year.   In that unnamed area we bike packed last year we rode out and had lunch on the North country trail which was fun but way over grown from lack of use.   

 We stayed at our cousin Chip's lake cabin on Cormorant lake.  He always has fun toys like night vision goggles, super fast jet ski's, guns, fast cars, bikes and giant kites for kite boarding.  I really liked getting to use the "launch control" on the 2013 Nissan GTR to see how fast I could go from zero to pretty darn high numbers.  

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queasyfish said...

I'm amazed by those cannonball things.