Monday, June 04, 2012

Nice ride

Rode the Moonlander loaded with some weight for a likely trip to the Maah Daah Hey trail later this month.

Hard to see the map but I go south to Shakopee west to Chaska then back to the start in Chanhassen.  The river is the Minnesota.

 Those trumpeter swans are really big.   Six little babies.  

At about mile seven the trail got more and more flooded.  I rode with the BB and hubs underwater like an idiot for about 4 seconds before my brain realized that this was not going to end.  I carried the bike for the next two hundred yards or so in up to waist deep water.  If I carried it with the bottom third of the wheels in the water it totally floated and I just needed to lift a tiny bit to keep the BB out of the water.  Now I don't know if I need to pull apart and repack the hubs and BB.  Hate to be in the middle of the Maah Daah Hey trail and find out that I should have done it.

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Heath said...

Bike looks great with the bags. You almost rode the distance from one campsite to another today.