Thursday, January 31, 2013

Some random events

 Ella and I went to the "ice castle" thing by Ikea.  I hope it is better at night with the lights and all because what you see here is 90% of how interesting it was.  $16 for the two of us to spend 5 minutes was a little disappointing.   Ella was convinced that it wasn't really ice but rather just plastic.   I am guessing if they made it out of plastic it would have sucked less.   
Got Ella some skates and she learned how to skate on a neighbor hood pond with some friends.

After going to a DNA talk last year I have been thinking about where my people originally came from so I ordered a Genographic project kit to test my DNA.  It will be able to tell me all of my ancestry and the path out of Africa so long ago.   It will tell me all the areas of the world my ancestors have come from and what percentage of me is from each region.  It will show a map of how my ancestors exited Africa so long ago.
What I am most interested in however is how much cave man I am if any.  
"Included in the markers we will test for is a subset that scientists have recently determined to be from our hominin cousins, Neanderthals and the newly discovered Denisovans, who split from our lineage around 500,000 years ago. As modern humans were first migrating out of Africa more than 60,000 years ago, Neanderthals and Denisovans were still alive and well in Eurasia. It seems that our ancestors met, leaving a small genetic trace of these ancient relatives in our DNA. With Geno 2.0, you will learn if you have any Neanderthal or Denisovan DNA in your genome."   
I got some very hard to see Nalgene bottle cozies from Granit Gear.  They call them aquatherms.  It should keep my water from freezing.  I wonder if I could put a hand warmer safely under the bottle in the cozy? 

I went to a Wei Ya Festival event at Heath's and had gua bao and hot pot with a sauce made with some of the above ingredients.  I need to find out how to make this sauce.  I keep thinking about it.

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