Monday, January 14, 2013

Cinco de Maya

Maya turned 5 today so a couple of days ago on Saturday we had a little kid party for her.  The theme Maya wanted was from the movie Tangled (Rapunzel.).  
Maya invited Lila, Rachael and Ivy who are three of her closest friends from school.  Susan painted on faces, made Rapunzel hair for each girl to wear, made a pinata of the chameleon character from the movie, made a pin the frying pan on the prince guys face game and had an entire wall for the girls to paint and color on.

We made the cake out of 24 frosted/sprinkled doughnuts in the shape of Rapunzel's tower.

On a related note I have found myself grieving what is the end of 9 years of having a baby/toddler in the house.  However wonderful I find Maya and Ella to be now and however wonderful my time will be with them in the future my little baby/toddler girls are gone forever and I already miss them.


Karen Solvey said...

Thank you for the ideas! We have adopted two little girls Selena turned 3 on January 11th - the day after my oldest son's birthday (23) yes there is a gap lol Acelyne will be 2 on february 14th and we plan to do a Tangled party. How did you make the pinata?

Jared said...

Karen for the pinata we found a green dinosaur at Targed with a little cutting and green paper reshaped it into a Tangled character.