Friday, January 04, 2013

Grocery Getter utility bike

 My Salsa La Cruz does a great job at road and gravel duties and my Moonlander is my preferred bike for anything more off road than gravel.  My poor El Mariachi was left out in the cold.  
That is until I made the mental shift away from it being my mountain bike and tuned it into a utility tool.  
Full fenders, old Brooks saddle (thanks Q), Old Man Mountain rack, Ortlieb bags, Revelate Tangle bag, Dogwood poggies, New Conti rubber, lights front and rear (front is Magicshine and not on in pics.)
 It took a while for me to accept the change in purpose of my El Mariachi from Mountain bike to a ready to go utility bike until I did it.  I love how this turned out and think it fits a needed bike area in my stable.  One of my barriers to using a bike as a utility tool has been getting bags, lights, fenders, fenders set up each ride.   Now I can just jump on and ride to the store.
 I still have some low rider front racks to put on.  These will allow me to put big bags in back and the front ones I currently have in back on the front.
The Brooklyn Machine works veggie burger pedals will likely get replaced and the elastomers in the seat post need to be switched with a softer durometer for winter.  

One of my goals in the coming year is to find and ride as much single track as I can while on my regular bike trips.  My new grocery getter will turn a trip to get milk into half road ride, half single track ride and all fun.

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