Monday, January 07, 2013

A two ride weekend

 Saturday AM gave me perfect weather to circumnavigate big island on Lake Minnetonka starting in Excelsior.  It is really not a long trip but with time spent exploring the island I turned it into a two hour exploration ride.     Big tail wind on the way out and little wind on the way back.  The above pic is about half way out to the island.

On the west side of the island there is a little castle like structure right on the shoreline with these buoy things in it.  

 Above pic is from inside the little castle like building.
If you already know what riding on snow looks and sounds like don't bother with the very short video.  You will be disappointed. 

 From on the island.  I really want to pirate camp out here.
 In the middle of the island I found this old nature viewing station.  Would never have found it in the summer.

 The last two pics are from Sunday's ride with Heath along the Minnesota River from 35W to Bloomington Ferry Bridge road.  Made a simple but nice hot lunch in the sun on a dry part of the bank next to the river.

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