Thursday, December 01, 2011

If you are in the market for a laptop/tablet computer I wish some one would buy the android based ASUS Transformer Prime when it comes out in mid December.  I don't need one an really want to at least buy it vicariously through someone I know.  Looks like it will be super functional especially with Ice Cream Sandwich operating system coming soon to it.  Yes that is the same software that will be on my likely next phone the Galaxy Nexus (prime).   Other than your soul being completely in Google's hands I think this will be a fantastic combo to merge all my media, calendars, phone, apps, books, soul debt etc.   These same things can certainly be done a lot of creative ways already but these two products really seem unique and to be getting a lot of attention by the android world which means they will also be on the front end of new software and rooting/hacking/bug fix like info.  My HTC incredible was a little like this when it first came out and I have had a year and a half? of being glad I was on the front end of the amazing and wonderful android/smart phone wave. 
 I am primed for the next wave.  

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