Thursday, December 29, 2011

I love using the Amazon Cloud player both on the cloud and with music downloaded to my phone.  I have been expanding my music library a lot this year.  Here are some of my favorite albums I became aware of this year.

Watkin Tudor Jones  - "The Fantastic Kill"
South African white guy rap who keeps changing his name.  He used to be Max Normal, then Watkin and becomes the Ninja in Die Antwoord with Yo Landi

Die Antwoord-" $0$ "
Check out some of their videos.  Evil boy, enter the ninja and rich bitch.   They sort of both embrace and are satirical with their South African white trash kind of presentation.

Tim Exile's-" Nuisance Gabberet Lounge"
Seems like a haphazard dj thing but isn't at all.  He is a great innovator, creator and teacher of his craft.  Also seems like a very nice nerdy guy.   I keep playing this one over and over for some reason.

Tune Yards - "WHO KILL"
What a voice.  Her song Powa builds into the winner for sexiest song of the year for me.

Afx- "Analogue Bubblebath" and "Hangable Auto Bulb" (love the song Laughable Butane Bob)

James Blake- Four albums: " CMYK"  Also" Klavierwerke", "James Blake" and "Enough Thunder"
Very unique stuff that is very well thought out.

Tinariwen-I love both their albums I have  "Tassili" and "Aman Iman: Water is life"
I don't know how to label them, North African rock? blues? with soul.

 Boubacar Traore- "Marcre"
Old school song writer from Mali  Wiki

Squarepusher- "Go Plastic"
Listen past the first few minutes of the first song.

I also like all of these a albums a lot but find myself just adding them to a my random mixes rather than listening to them as a solo album.  If you plan to ignore all of these I would encourage you to at least look into Amon Tobin.  Jazz meets electronica.

M83- Hurry Up We're Dreaming
Deer Hunter Halcyon Digest
Boards of Canada- Music has the right to children
Amon Tobin- Supermodified and Permutation
Four Tet - There is Love in you
Youth Lagoon- The year of hibernation


queasyfish said...

Nice posting. I've read it several times. It all seems very interesting.

I know Deerhunter (yawn) and Boards of Canada (WTF?), and I know I've heard Tune-yards. Seems like I liked them. Don't know any of that other shit though. I'll start with Tobin and Tune-yards and the jazz-electronica stuff. I'll let you know.

I appreciate your efforts.

I wish everyone would do their own post of this actually.

Jared said...

Thanks Q that is nice to hear and Iam glad you are looking into some of it. I would love to see something like this from others. I don't expect anyone other than me to actually like this music but I hope you do.