Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fun ride near Gifford Lake

 Minnesota River down by Chaska
 I love my little frame bag.
 They are doing a lot of work on this trail. I think it will go to Belle Plain in a more formal fashion in the future.   Looks like they took out a rail bridge over the river at one spot.  This one has the tracks off and was a bit nerve racking to ride over when icy.  Scary to look down through the big gaps while ridding over it.

 Crooked face that does not convey the fun I had.

Hard to see in this pic but Gifford lake is on the right.  The marsh land was frozen just right to ride over.


queasyfish said...

Nice pictures (except that one of you kind of scares me). You took your racks off. Sean and I looked at the Necromancer, Moonlander and the Mukluk at Freewheel on Saturday. Are you thinking about Darryl/Fat Larry or saving your coins for Moonlander?

Jared said...

Just got back from the same ride but went all the way to Louisville swamp today. I am saving for a Moonlander but sadly they will likely all be sold by the time the time is right. All the fat bikes are great however. I have the heaviest crappiest fatbike made and love it. They seem to have made too many of the blue mukluks and I bet they will go cheap soon. My dream stable would be a Ti fatback with carbon fork and other light parts as my do everything bike and then a moonlander as my actual float bike for snow, sand etc.