Saturday, December 03, 2011

Winter Bike Expo

Freewheel winter bike expo in Minneapolis was a great event. I thank Freewheel, Surly, Salsa and whoever else made it happen. I really enjoyed it and learned a ton. Lots of nice people and I keep questioning myself but I am pretty sure I counted 48 new fat bikes in one room. Wow. I couldn't even get them all in one shot. Rode two sizes of both aluminum Mukluks, tow sizesof the necro pugs and one Moonlander. What I learned is I love them all. Mukluks have a taller head tube feel and my current pugs, the necro and the Moonlander all ride very similarly. Any doubt I had about the moonlander being my next bike is gone.   I really enjoyed all aspects of the event I attended. The talk about the Arrowhead 135 was great. People interested in winter cycling and fat bikes specifically are a diverse, low key and friendly bunch that I feel proud to be a part of.

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