Friday, January 09, 2009

Training Log

I know it is going to sound a little silly for me, a person who doesn't actually work out to be talking about an online training log but here goes anyway. This is the program Jill Homer's super ultra marathon boyfriend Geoff uses. In minutes I got my self set up and really like it. Most online workout logs I have seen seem generally useless, want money for their lame program or annoy you by trying to sell you lots of crap. This one is easy to use, quick to note on and gives good reports on what is going on with your training. The beginning of the year is also a great time to start recording so you can do year end totals next year. So my wish is that you all would use it to so we could look at what each of us is doing as a way to inspire more time on the bike, ski's and feet. The program is called Attackpoint. I am pretty sure you can check out my relative lack of working out by going here
If you want to look at Geoff's training log to see what an ultra marathoner does go here.
The pic is unrelated but one of the best of young "Barry Obama" I have seen.


Heath said...

I may share this site with my skiers. Any chance of getting together for a ski this weekend?

Jared said...

Yes on that Chinese holiday thing on Sunday. Did you get your ski's?

queasyfish said...

That link worked fine. That's kind of cool.