Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hollow cheeks

Some of you may know my prediction method for who will win the Tour de France. Basically I look at each of the 10 or so real contenders and see which one has hollow cheeks. By hollow cheeks I mean that their face is skinny in a unique way. It is like if a slightly fat/muscular person suddenly dropped a bunch of weight kind of look. Emaciated in the healthiest sort of way. Bjarne Riis simply looked emaciated when he won the tour way back when he should have let Jan Ulrich win since Jan was stronger that year and had no idea hollow cheek extrodinare Mellow Johny whould continue to win until his racing time was done. Well I wish I would have made this post before the Arizona Cardnals won their last game because Kurt Warner the QB for Arizona has gone from his normal 37 year old slightly puffy self to a hollow cheeked champion. I saw it last week and it did not register tben today before their win against Philedelphia in warm ups I put it together. He has the hollow cheeks. I basically knew they would win at that point and will likely win the super bowl too. I know this prediction is harder than the tour version since it is a team sport and easier since Kurt can throw to Larry Ferguson but still he has the cheeks.

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Heath said...

Does this mean we won't win? Do extra chins help?