Monday, December 08, 2008

Obama Blend

It seems it is all the rage in small Coffee shops to now carry an Obama blend of coffee since he has been associated with three regions of the world that produce darn good coffee. Kenya, Hawaii, and Indonesia. Most seem to be doing a simple blend of Kenyan and Hawaiian (Kona) coffee. At first this seemed like a fun idea. But then when contemplating such a roast I quickly realized what a horrible idea this roast would be. Mixing a bold Kenyan with a light and delicate Kona would be like watching a MMA fight featuring Brock Lesnar against the Olsen twins. Adding an Indonesian coffee to mellow the blend would be like turning the sound on mute to minimize the violent pummeling of the expensive Kona.

1 comment:

SeanH said...

I would pay big money to see Lesnar fight the Olsen twins!