Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Maximum The Hormone’s video

This video taken from the site Pink Tentacle is like Japan? metal, Primus, Rage against the machine goodness. It is safe for my work but not for Heath's.


Heath said...

I watched this vid a couple of days ago. It's sweetly disturbing.

queasyfish said...

Don't you mean it's wicked?

queasyfish said...

It seemed funny at the time, sorry.

Funny and mean I guess.

but I don't have as much to say without the sassyness. I always mean it as constructive criticism - that anyone would have the right to give you. but the funny thing about writing is it's hard to convey emotion so you tend to interpret it with however you're feeling. Most of the time the humor is lost and the dig is felt. See for example the half-sentence after the hyphen above. Smiley face.

queasyfish said...

I like the video though.