Thursday, December 25, 2008

I am on vacation

I am on vacation until Jan 3? on Sanibel Island Florida and thought I would have a bunch of extra time to blog about the trips events. So far this has not worked out and I am too tired each day once the girls are in bed to do much of anything. Christmas was good and I am now the proud owner of Jill Homers book "Ghost Trails" Reviews to come later. Miss you all. Jared


Tootie said...

I live on Sanibel, but am away for a week. I've gone north into the cold, while you have gone to soak up some warm sunshine. I just saw your post by way of my Google Sanibel Alerts. Have a wonderful vacation! I'm freezing! ;-(

Jared said...

Thanks Tootie. Hope you have a good trip.