Monday, December 08, 2008

I got fat bikes on my brain

I unapologetically stole all of these pics from Speedway cycles in Anchorage Alaska. They have their own version of a Pugsley that does away with the rear wheel in front stuff, is made of Ti and costs a lot more. Their rims are 80 or 100 mm wide. The Pugsley usually sports a large marge rim that is 65mm wide. The pic shows the same tire (endomorph) on each rim. I don't know why the wider one gets taller in the pic. It is crazy however how much bigger that tire can be on a wider rim.


Heath said...
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Heath said...

was unable to ride to school this morning. Too much crud snow. Front wheel won't hold a line. Tomorrow's a no go as well. Doh, should of had a pugsly!

Hey. Why don't you buy one and let me ride your El Mariachi?

Jared said...

Don't tempt me.