Friday, May 23, 2008

Urban hiker

My work regularly brings me to down town Minneapolis, Lake street and Franklin Ave . After writing those locations I see someone could get the wrong idea about what I do for a living. Fortunately my looks make me unlikely to cash in on prostitution and my intense aversion to sales type jobs takes me out of the drug dealer market. I appreciate the stores, people and urban landscape but you just cant fully experience it from your car. So I have invented an outdoor activity that 1. didn't need to be invented 2. has likely already been invented 3. that sounds kind of simple and dumb at first and maybe is but I bet I would really enjoy it.
It is urban hiking. Planned hiking in urban or even suburban environments. For example I think it would be very fun to walk the length of lake street with a lunch stop at some great little restaurant in the middle of the adventure. I am sure there are walking tour maps of lots of cities which would be fun too but may be not as fun as finding the longest alley way in Minneapolis and walking the whole length. In a larger city one could walk until you got to your hotel as a form of urban camping. I would find it as rewarding and interesting to hike for 4 hours in Minneapolis seeing endless diversity of people, stores and concrete terrain as it would be to hike on a trail with endless trees that all look the same and don't try to sell you something illegal.

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