Friday, May 23, 2008

Resturant Review

137 E Franklin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404

I don't know if they need to call it "Mediterranean" to get customers but this is definitely an African/Middle eastern/Muslim restaurant. No bacon on the menu and the owner and customers appear to be African and Muslim. I have been to maybe 4 different restaurants of this style and this is by far the best. Unfortunately if you are familiar with this location it for some reason is a cursed restaurant spot and I have seen many come and go before it. I think getting the goat is a must in these kind of restaurants. Although this view would be frowned upon by Muslim peoples I have come to see goat as the pork of the middle east. It is usually chopped with the bones into about 2 inch square pieces, seasoned and roasted until it is falling off the bone. This is served with salad, spaghetti or rice and a banana. Always a banana. Kulan steps this up a notch on the lunch goat meal. It also comes with soup and the additional choice of Jibuti (flat bread). Friendly staff, good outdoor seating, great flavors.

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