Friday, May 23, 2008

The bike choice

I want a new bike. I want a do everything road bike. I want it to competently commute long distances, ride fast with a lively feel, I want it to be touring competent, I want it to be made of steel, I want it to be able to have fat tires and fenders and I want to find it attractive and something I can connect with. Trek and Lemond make such a bike but I no longer connect with them or want to be associated with there customers anymore than I want to be connected with buyers of PT cruisers. Surly makes some great options but are not quite boutique enough for me. (yes I admit it) A custom Bruce Gordon, Bob Brown or Curt Goodrich would be great but some how seem counter to my desire for an authentic steel utilitarian road bike. Spending $2000 for a frame like this seems counter to my steel is real/ buck the high buck cycling hype kind of goal. I would be just pretending to be of that mind set yet really just trying to wow my peers. I want to wow my friends with the purchase of a kick ass ride for a fair or cheap price. So these are my options as I see them. The Salsa Casserole and the Salsa La Cruz. The Casserole (top bike) is better because it has fenders, a triple crank and is set up to be the bike I crave. It also has the geometry rack mounts and tires I need. It is not right because it has lower quality parts and frame material. It also can only handle 32mm tires with fenders when I really want it to handle 35mm tires. The La Cruz is better because of the tubing, parts group, disc brakes and general toughness. I am kind of big and fat and like to ride things hard. What it lacks is fenders, road tires and a triple crank. I am siding with the La Cruz because I can add fenders and tires for much less then I could upgrade the other parts and also because of the robustness of the frame and wheel set. I am however very open to feedback on my choice and other options. My current road bikes are great but can't handle the fat tires and fenders. Also a parts upgrade to what is on the La Cruz would be almost as much as the whole La Cruz bike.


queasyfish said...

So what you're saying is; you want to feel lively and competent,
and you want her to be attractive and something you can connect with.
It's funny to read a psychologist's blog. ;)

You love Salsa..., Who wouldn't?

If it can only handle 32s (with fenders), it's not an option.

Surly rocks, you suck. (the problem is YOU aren't surly - you love people). ;)

Anonymous said...

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