Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another ride and other pics of things I like

The trail we tried to ride on Tuesday evening was flooded out so we decided to ride on top of the Chaska levee.    The water is high enough that what is usually forest off to the right in the top pic is now a temporary mangrove with large fish jumping for bugs in and around the trees.
The girls said they wanted to try to ride out to a hidden beach so I said "ok" thinking they would not make it more than a hundred yards or so.  They of course rode the whole way out and back.  The only time they fussed was the few times Ella rode into the back of Maya's bike.  Each time Maya had a bunch of mosquitoes eating her alive causing her to skid to a stop to "itch them."  Glad I had extra bug spray along.    

 I was a little sad to find the beach did not exist that day with the high water.  They were troopers about the bad news even after they braved bugs and plants trying to eat them during the ride to get to it.   

Maya has gotten really good at ridding off road in no time at all.  I think they could both do well along the Minnesota river in spots without too much sand.

On a side note I am pleasantly surprised to find that I cold easily get three bikes  in my car with just the front wheels off of my Moonlander and Ella's bike.
Maya wanted to show me she could hold the cat like a baby now.   Looks like she can.
We went to the open streets event last weekend.  It is fun to walk down the middle of Lyndale Ave with all the people walking and riding on their bikes.   I like bike people.  During the event we walked by Flanders bike shop.    I did not see any sign they were helping promote, participate in or sponsor this great event that happens in front of their store.   A constant stream of bikes going by the store on a sunny weekend day and they were closed.   It is too bad they suck so bad.  I really want to like that shop with its racing history in the area.   Great newer shops like One on One and Hollywood's really expose how little Flanders has to offer.

Found a great little basket at a thrift store for Maya's puppy and water bottle to ride in.  Big crash the next day crunched it.  Good thing we bought a spare.


Heath said...

Way to go girls!

Jonathan Abad said...

You give both cyclists & fathers a good name. Thank you for sharing.

Vick said...

So interesting and wonderful to read about your bike ride and the girls! Of course I could read these entries forever because I love these girls and think they have a great dad and mom!