Thursday, June 20, 2013

A nice ride/smores event with Maya

Maya and I rode from from Chaska towards Shakopee last night. As we drove the 2 miles from Chanhassen
into Chaska for our ride Maya says, " Oh! I like it here! What language do they speak in Chaska."  Me, "Maya, we live right up there. They speak just like we do." Maya, "yea, but if we talk would they understand what we were saying?"

Maya is 5 and ready for a bigger bike I think.  

She was a little sad that I would not bring the turtle home with us.  

My supercat stove worked great for roasting the marshmallows.  Maya carved her own stick for roasting and did a great job.  

We rode to the old brewery ruins which was about 4 miles total.  

Oddly my right crank arm loosened and fell off on the way back.  Keeping up with Maya is harder than it looks.  

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