Monday, June 03, 2013

A story with some Morels.

 Mazy and I spent a couple hours exploring in the big woods on Sunday.  Mazy was able to find a stinky patch of decaying muck to roll in but was unable to detect a big young buck sitting down watching us walk by.  Terrible pic I know but the deer seemed so comfortable I didn't want to get closer and make him get up from what was likely his sleep time.

Above is a pic of the woods.  About 300 yards per side.  I think I may need an App or to figure out my google maps/google earth settings better to mark with GPS the big maple trees I find but maybe not.  The dot above is from a pic of a tree I took with the location option on my phone camera turned on.  So if I want to know where a tree is I look at the pic and then hit show on map.  Seems to work but sometimes it goes to a location near by rather than the exact spot.
I really want it to work so I can come back to the 4 or so spots I found morels.  At this point I would not have a clue how to find them again.  
I tried to teach Mazy to find the morels for me but failed.  I bet with some treat rewards I could get her to be  a shrooming dog.  Or maybe she would prefer to just roll in stinky crap.  
 Great quality morels.  No cleaning necessary.  Just some salt, pepper and butter.  If it looks like a morel and has a hollow stem you can be pretty confident it is a morel and not poisonous.
So good.  I have some left that I am thinking of making a homemade morel ravioli with them but need some filler ideas to go with the morels inside the ravioli.  A cheese that is mild enough to not over power the mushroom perhaps.

 Even with my mushroom book I find that confidently identifying mushrooms other than morels is surprisingly difficult.
 Three Maples to remember.  The foreground one has a big arm torn off.  Behind it is the arm wrestler and if you could see through the trees the tree below that looks like it has a lazy arm is just a bit further.  After that is the rhinoceros looking tree (not a maple).   To get to this set go in a third of the way from the south west corner to the rhino tree or lazy arm.

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