Monday, December 06, 2010

I fixed my phone and so can you

About a month ago I dropped my HTC incredible and cracked the glass digitizer.  $600 to replace straight up without a new contract.  $200 if I wait a year and a half to get a new contract.  $150 and an unknown amount of time to send it away to a place that will fix it.  Or around $60 to order a new digitizer from Repairs Universe.   The repair took a couple of weeks of psyching my self up and about 4 days with it apart to psych myself up of about each next step.  If I had to do it again today the repair  would take about 20 minutes.  The biggest challenges were figuring out how to get all the broken and glued glass off the black part.  Solution was a hair dryer.  Next was figuring out how to work the four ribbon cables.  The digitizer one is plenty big but two of them are so small you just had to use the force to guess if you put them in right and got the tiny clamp on right.  No real direction on how to reattach the new digitizer other than the tech guy saying they have some adhesive strips they didn't sell me on my first purchase.  Solution, clear liquid nails glue.  I only had to take it apart one time after the first attempt because the optical mouse (white thing on the black case on the left of the pic) didn't work.  Likely I did not get the ribbon cable in right.  I added a 16 GB micro SD card to the mix and the phone works like new.


Mike said...

Nice work Jared. When I break my iPhone screen, and that day will eventually come, I'm coming to you to fix it! :)

Mike said...
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