Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fat bike film

This pic is unrelated to the film links below I just like pic's on blogs.   The pic is what happens if you stray from the center of some fat bike trails.  It is often like ridding on top of a skinny table of packed snow.   It is even harder when you auger in after falling on the side of your body.  

Fat bikers like tscheesy and endorondo among others like coast kid are really making some nice videos and posting them on the MTBR fatbike forum.  Here is one from a few days ago: Link 1  for endorondo's film of how some of this was done go here.


Joboo said...

Sweet photo!!
Now that looks like fun!!


queasyfish said...

As I drove the kids to school and crossed the RR tracks, I looked down to the right at the building they'd been demolishing (gone as of a week ago), and wished I could ride down there to check it out closer-up. (two-fantasies in one there, early in the morning on the way to work) I knew I never could in the 6 inch virgin snow and I really wished I had a Pugsley at that moment...